A downloadable game for Windows

This demo is a project made in like 6-7 weeks for our bachelor thesis in Blekinge Institute of Technology. We don't really want to tell you what the game is about and what we explored in our thesis because that would spoil the expectation. 

But if you want some explanation or have questions feel free to message me or write a comment!

Controls for KB/M can be found in the folder of the game!

The game performance is kinda sluggish depending on hardware, we kinda had to stress as we had to write our report parallel to making the game. So optimization didn't get much love.  

Install instructions

If you get the message that the download will start momentarily but it doesn't do anything, check if pop-up windows are being unblocked. As the download is from an Google Drive link. 

Unpack the ZIP file

Press the exe file and do the following setup (if there's one). Other than that it should be good to go!




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A bit odd, and very quick

I really enjoyed the design of the house, and there were some spooky things a foot, but what was with the bizarre sink, and falling through the ground before needing to ascend? I originally thought it was a bug but the controls purposefully point out Ascend as a movement option.

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Thank you for trying out! The sink event is up for interpretetation of what is going on story wise. We liked to think when we designed the game that the protagonist is like afraid of coming in contact with water therefore the psychological horror that the character is being draged down in deep water due to maybe recent events or such.  But yeah story was not our focus, so there was no writing or such.

But yes this was a kinda stressed out sequence of the game as we had to get it done for the deadline of our assignment, I would personally love to add more content to the "dark water abyss" so it would be easier for the player to navigate and understand that it's not a loadingscreen/bug, as it's very dark down there. :'D  

Oh and our research purpose was to explore horror without the need of an physical enemy or jumpscares. It was a really hard thing to work without because it's such an well established to have in horror games. We therefore wanted to base it on architectural atmosphere (lightning, sounds, objects etc), but we felt that we needed something more and we then added the sink, which have had mixed results. Some people thought it was cool, some didn't really understand what was going etc. :)